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Author Topic: Dreamville Needs Improvement!  (Read 15471 times)

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Dreamville Needs Improvement!
« on: October 01, 2014, 08:52:52 PM »
I loved TomorrowWorld, but I hated Dreamville! Why were the showers closed from 4 pm to 8 pm? That is prime time to be getting ready to go to the festival for the evening. When I went back to use the showers at 8 pm, they were dirty and disgusting. If they were closed for 4 hours why weren't they cleaned? And the second time I went to take a shower I was charged for my shower AND THEN told "Oh by the way they are freezing cold. The warm water went out." WHAT!? I just paid 5$ to take a freezing cold shower? Unacceptable.

My second complaint about Dreamville are the portapotties. Also horrid. Thank goodness I brought my own toilet paper.

Also why are you price gouging everyone? We paid almost $1000 for two Dreamville/Madness tickets, and then on top of that you charge $15 for a bag of ice and almost $40 for a locker for one days use; $12 for a standard 12 ounce beer. Not cool! I understand you have to pay for the cost of the festival but the prices charged were outrageous.

My last complaint is to figure out a better way to distribute land for the tents. We stood on the boardwalk for over an hour being herded like cattle to get our little plot of land. We did get an amazing spot so the wait was worth it, but very disorganized.


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