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Author Topic: [Selling] (3) Full Maddness + (2) Full Maddness - Dreamville Easy Tent (2person)  (Read 1912 times)

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Tomorrow World USA - September 27,28,29
(3) Full maddness - (no camping) passes = $295 ea / retail $357 retail
(2) Full maddness - Dreamville easy tent (tent and two sleeping bags included) = $950 total / retail $1,166

Bracelets were officially mailed out as of yesterday (09/08) per:

I will be overnighting the bracelets to you. Any secured payment method you perfer (ie ebay,paypal, etc. ,no wire transfers).

I can provide any receipts and e-mails, including an e-mail from paylogic/Global Journey saying bracelets can be registered to new owners (should i sell them).

Also feel free to message/e-mail me for any further questions or concerns.

Thanks!  :)


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